Remotely Operated Vehicles(ROVs)

CBRNE – Co-Developed with VRDE, Ahmednagar, DRDO

This is used for saving lives of defence personnel in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare and. Variants of this robot can be used for video surveillance, UXO handling & combat / anti-terrorist operations.

Daksh – ROV Improvisation & Manufacturing Partners with R&DE(E), Pune

This robot is developed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations. Its ability to operate at a safe standoff keeps armed forces out of harm's way. This has been developed after realizing that the terrorist organizations have are targeting our public transport systems, civilian aircraft and crowded places

Surveillance Robot

It is a multi-terrain wireless surveillance robot, designed for personnel engaged in counter terrorism, law enforcement search and rescue among many other activities. It can be mounted with robotic arms, disruptor or more cameras for a large set of operations. This platform can provide 360 degree view with cameras mounted on it and can climb stairs. This robot is very apt for various counter terrorist and surveillance operations.

Rakshak – EOD Robot

Robot is being developed to offer a highly stable and maneuverable platform. Track modules are able to move continuously through 360 degrees and having independently front and back flippers, ensuring great versatility in stable positioning of the robot, which in turn provides class leading obstacle climbing capability and extremely stable stair climbing.

The ability to significantly change the vehicles flipper positions ensures stability, allows extended ground clearance when required and aids adjustment to comparatively minimum size when accessing confined spaces. The robot is equipped with 6-Axis manipulator with changeable end effectors like gripper, scoop for sample collection etc.