Mobile Robots - Industrial and Warehousing Systems

Novus Carry

Autonomous Material Movers

Novus Carry is a series of completely autonomous and connected industrial vehicles. Carry completes a diverse set of tasks including: unit load carrying, trolley tugging, trolley tunneling, and mobile conveying.‚Äč


Novus Jack/Stacker

Autonomous Material Handling Equipment

Novus Jack/Stacker is standard Material Handling Equipment which operates autonomously using natural navigation and a cloud-connected framework.


Novus Omnistore

Dynamic Storage and Retrieval System

Novus Omnistore is a system of multiple independent and distributed mobile robots which can work in dynamic storage locations with seamless integration of third party software (ERP/WMS). Novus Omnistore omni-channel storage and retrieval systems convert conventional warehouses to advanced manufacturing solution centers.