Autonomous & Driver Assistive Systems


L4 Autonomous Vehicles Technology

Novus-Drive is India’s first self-driving shuttle. Drive is an advanced autonomous navigation solution for constrained and partial urban environments using multi-sensor data fusion, deep learning, and proprietary path planning algorithms.


Attention & Behavior Monitoring

Novus Aware is the most robust driver attention & behavior monitoring system in the market. Aware leverages advanced machine learning and perception techniques for safer driving. Alerts and feedback are connected with cloud-based fleet management and contextual intelligence vehicle telematics to enable safe driver profiling and coaching.

Novus Pilot

External Environment Monitoring

Novus Pilot is an external environment monitoring system for vehicles. Pilot leverages deep learning and computer vision to deliver forward collision, lane departure, and vulnerable user warnings.
The system is scalable to provide autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, and highway autopilot features.