Defence Unmanned Systems

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Robots developed for handling IED, surveillance, CBRNE and counter insurgency operations. These are highly rugged robots, capable of climbing stairs, navigating in various terrains and snow.

Micro Robots for ISR Operations

Robots for Counter Terrorism, Low Intensity Conflicts, Military Reconnaissance, Vision Scout Missions, Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Real time Intelligence, VIP protection, Enemy Force Disposition and Intension Determination, Under Vehicle Inspection

Rugged Sensors, Controllers & Payloads

The armed forces require robots for most challenging conditions. We provide military grade products for computation, sensing and variety of payloads to the UGVs, ROVs and regular vehicles for military / armed forces requirements.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

"Never Send a Man to do a Machine's Job" - We believe in this thought and that's why we provide Unmanned Ground Vehicles for operations where a human life can be saved. These Platforms can be used for Surveillance, Mine Detection, and NBC reconnaissance.