Mobile Assembly Stations

Mobile Engine Assembly Stations


  • 2500 kg payload capacity
  • Mobile Robots has onboard hydraulic lifter and trunion
  • Replaces conventional assembly line conveyors
  • Provides flexibility in operations and quick ramp-up capabilities
  • Accommodate multi-variants
  • Provides greater process control

Mobile Vehicle Assembly


  • Load carrying capacity up to 5000 kg
  • Replacing conventional slat/overhead conveyors, thereby eliminating need for any civil work or strengthening structures
  • Removal of single point of failure thereby increasing reliability
  • Configurable and easily modifiable behaviour at each station.
  • Provides greater degree of access and ease of assembly
  • Capacity of integration with MES system

Mobile Transmission Engine Marriage Station


  • Load carrying capacity up to 4000 kg
  • Longest Mobile Robots of 3.65 meters
  • Mobile Robots is equipped with complete marriage fixture designed to accommodate 4 model variants
  • Eliminates the need of long monorails/EMS systems
  • Reduces transfer and assembly time
  • No fixed station required for assembly