Use eletric forklift for easy material flow

Lean Material Flow Systems

Forklift Mobile Robots (TFL)

These “The Hi-Tech Fork Lift” (TFL) Mobile Robots are designed for replacing fork truck applications so as to reduce dependency on fork truck drivers. These TFLs can play a pivotal role in reducing running cost of Warehouses, Distribution Centres as well as manufacturing plants.

Payload: Upto 2000 kg
Speed: Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Pallet Jack Mobile Robots (TPJ)

These “The Hi-Tech Pallet Jack” Mobile Robots are used for ground to ground pallet movement, which can either done automatically or operators can manually board the vehicles and back them into pallets.

Payload: Upto 2000 kg
Speed: Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Tugger Mobile Robots (TUG)

These “The Hi-Tech Tugger” Mobile Robots can be towed at a time. Chain movement of product with our TUG Mobile Robots is very common. In this case, various products destined for multiple destinations along the route are towed with a single Mobile Robots. The Mobile Robots will make several stops as per the program for order fulfillment at different locations.

Payload: Upto 2000 kg
Speed: Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Tunnelling Mobile Robots (TUN)

These Tunnelling Mobile Robots can drive under pre-positioned trolleys/carts. The common application for TUN series Mobile Robots is in field of manufacturing, e-commerce, hospitals, clean rooms, etc. They are most ideal for transportation of trolleys between the work stations & assembly lines.

Payload: Upto 2000 kg
Speed: Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Unit Load Mobile Robots (TUL)

These “The Hi-Tech Unit Load” (TUL) Mobile Robots are specifically designed to perform a set of particular assignment for individual load/component movement. Our TUL Mobile Robots are very much popular for carrying manufacturing and assembly operations. These Mobile Robots help in achieving high equipment utility as they solve the purpose of transfer as well as can also be used as Independent Working Station.

Roller Bed Mobile Robots

So as to transfer material from end of line station or to a conveyor system, option of Mobile Robots with roller bed top is also there. Load transfer is easily accomplished using either Idler roller decks or motorized version. These are ideal for transferring Carton, Pallet or skid.

Capacity (kg)
can be customised for Higher Payload
upto 2000 upto 2000 upto3000 upto 1500
Liting Heights - - upto3000 upto 1500
Max. Speed (Leaded )(mimin) 60 to 65 60 to 65 70 to 80 60 to 65
Stopping Accuracy for planned straps (mm) +15
Wheels Polyurethane
Controller PLC based (Micon Controller based options also available)
Guidance System Magnetic Tape / Laser Navigation Magnetic Tape / Laser Navigation Laser Navigation Laser Navigation
Movement Uni-Directional Uni/Bi-Directional Bi-Directional Bi-Directional
Localiation/ Routing System LF RFID System with floor mounted tag and reader mounted at bottom of Mobile Robots
Typical AGE Power Source (1 Battery Pack) 24 V/48 V
Operational Hours 8-10 (On one time charging)
Safety Features Emergency Stop Switches, Signal Towers, Abnormality Alarm Timing Indicators Obstacle Sensors Corner Sensors etc