Connected & Driverless Vehicle Technologies

Transform industrial vehicle into Autonomous Vehicle


Driverless Shuttle

India’s First “Driverless Shuttle” Novus – Drive is a completely autonomous electric vehicle with an Interactive App to ferry people from the within various campus

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Advance Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are primarily focused on collision avoidance technologies (for example, lane departure warning and blind-spot applications) and driver aids, such as night vision, driver alertness and adaptive cruise control.

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Autonomous Navigation & Control Software Framework

Autonomous Navigation & Control Software Framework

Toolkits for Driverless Vehicles

A Robotics Software Framework providing critical module specific toolkits. It provides a set of critical, modern, extensible, reusable and robust toolkit for Driverless Vehicles

  • Perception Toolkit
  • Multi Sensor Data Fusion Toolkit
  • Path Planning Toolkit
  • Trajectory Follower Toolkit
  • Sensor Data Visualizer Toolkit
  • Drive By Wire Toolkit

The complete software module is coded in C,C++ and python.

Applique Kits

Drive-by-wire, Steer-by-wire and Autonomous applique kits to convert regular vehicles in Driverless

Enabling Regular Vehicles to Become Driverless!

  • A Complete Drive-By-Wire System for Any Vehicle to Meet Project Requirements
  • Reduce the shake, rattle, & roll
  • Ergonomically enhanced driving conditions for operators, and computer control for monitoring
  • Electro-Mechanical Programmatically controlled Actuators
  • Robust and Accurate
  • Minimally Intrusive to allow any vehicle to be converted to a Drive-by-wire vehicle with ease
  • Seamless dual-use – Human or Drive-by-wire
  • On-board / Remote wireless E-stop override
  • Immediate disengagement and vehicle stop on manual override or emergency conditions