Advance Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS offerings are primarily built into the vehicle, but vendors are beginning to offer aftermarket solutions. Next-generation ADASs will increasingly leverage wireless network connectivity to offer improved value (by using car-to-car data).


ADAS - Driver State Monitoring System

It is an Advance Driver Assistance System for Driver State Monitoring. It can detect and raise alarms on driver’s inattention while driving. Caters to scenarios like which includes – drowsiness and strafing.

Key Features

  • Detects driver drowsiness for day and night
  • Suitable for various face types
  • Real-time processing of data for immediate response
  • Various options for alarm generation – audio / visual
  • Compact size, easy to integrate
  • Can be retro-fitted to any vehicle
  • Easy Installation and Calibration
  • Option of recording of last five minutes of video
  • Option of integration with fleet management system


Active Safety Smart Cam & OBD II device with Cloud Analytics

Key Features

  • Lane Departure System – Enables the driver to get an alert whenever there is a sudden change in Lane is happening
  • Forward Collision Warning – Helps to give an immediate alert in case of an imminent collision is going to happen. This can prevent the user to actively take required maneuvers / actions to prevent such collisions.
  • Impact Alert – Connects the user with a 24/7 customer support immediately after a sudden impact is detected by the device. The device automatically dials to the customer care and also shares the location of the impact.
  • Vehicle Health Analytics for determining driving behaviors and vehicle healthy alerts. Thereby connecting with 24/7 Break Down assist and also timely service reminders based on vehicle health data collected by OBD Dongle