Autonomous & Driver Assistive Systems

Assist Now, While Moving Towards Autonomy

With this philosophy, our product-line caters to all levels of autonomy (L0-L4), they start from Warning systems for on-road and driver state and have been successfully scaled to Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Vulnerable User Detection/Mitigation, Highway Autopilots and fully autonomous vehicles.

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Mobile Robots - Industrial and Warehousing Systems

Mobile Robots and Analytics - Enabling Industry 4.0 and Omni Channel Fulfillment

With maximum deployments in the country for mobile robots, and state of the art Natural Navigation techniques our mobile robots need no infrastructure changes and help customers to have increased productivity with autonomous material movement powered with big data analytics.

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Design Services

Services for "Integrated Engineering" & "Knowledge Driven" solutions

Engineering Solutions ranging from Product Design Services, Value added Engineering Application development, Process Automation and Optimization solutions and After Sales Information Management Solutions.


Partnership Program

The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Limited is actively building partnerships with companies working in Industrial and Warehouse Automation Domain. We are adding System Integrators & Channel Partners across the globe for our range of Mobile Robots and other products.

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Our offerings are the products and solutions, which cater to a wide breadth of verticals for Automotive OEMs, Fleet Owners, Manufacturing Industries, Warehouses, Defence, research institutions, next generation transportation systems with our high-end expertise in our core technologies - Mobile Robots, Autonomous & Driver Assistive Systems and Design Services