Industrial and Warehousing Systems

Smart Robots For Enabling Industry 4.0 and Omni Channel Fulfillment

With over 90% market share in India, our Products and solutions help customers alleviate pain areas and enable high cost savings in terms of manpower saving and increased productivity apart from increasing process efficiency through Big data analytics.

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Driverless Vehicle Technologies

Next Generation Intelligent Transportation System

Connected and Assistive devices to increase safe driving practices for crash prevention. Further, redefining personal transportation with driverless vehicles.

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Defence Unmanned Systems

Securing Lives Through Intelligent/Smart Robots

Our state of the art smart robots help keep the armed forces and first responders out of harms way. Successfully used by the Indian defence and paramilitary forces.

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Know more about our Products and Solutions

Our offerings are the products and solutions, which cater to a wide breadth of verticals for Industries, Warehouses, Defence, and armed forces, research institutions, next generation transportation systems with our high-end expertise in our core technologies - AGVs, Automation, Advance Driver Assistive Systems, Driverless Vehicles Technology and our latest offering Novus-Drive "Driverless Shuttles". Contact a representative, if you want to know more about our products and solutions or if you have a new business critical problem, which robotics can solve.